Sakura Linda Red Parasol
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Sakura Linda

¥17,000¥18,000 ¥13,600¥14,400 .

The Sakura is a parasol inspired by the natural beauty of flowers. This Cherry Blossom parasol is a sunny day must have item! A sweet and elegant cherry blossom with 5 wide petals providing delightful protection. The canopy has a UV (heat & light cut) and waterproof coating protecting from sun’s harmful rays and the rain too. An eye-catching parasol like none other!




Product Description

Rib Length: 50cm
Shaft: aluminum
Handle: Acrylic (with Tassle)
Material: 100% Polyester (Heat&Light Cut,
UPF 50+, Waterproof)
Weight: 350grams
Length: 79cm
Made in China