DiCesare Pumpkin Umbrella Motif Jacquard
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Pumpkinbrella Walker Motif Jacquard

¥14,000¥16,000 .


The Pumpkinbrella Walker is a versatile and distinctive umbrella for any just about weather condition and any occasion. This lightweight umbrella has a canopy with a Teflon UV and waterproof coating protecting from both the sun & rain. This playfully elegant design that's sure to put some bounce in your step on even the dreariest of rainy days!

Made of a our waterproof Motif Jacquard material featuring umbrella motifs of the unique umbrellas and parasols of DiCesare Designs.




Product Description

Rib Length: 52-64cm
Canopy: 100% Polyester (Jacquard)
Weight Approx: 320grams
Total Length: 84cm
Shaft: Black Aluminum
Handle: ABS with Gold Ring
Made in China.