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NHK E Television Techne Video Classroom, January 7th, 2018
Asahi TV – Doctor X November 16th, 2017
vikka Magazine 号 vol.34 December Issue – Mono Tone Mania
Marisol July 2017 Issue, Working woman Rainy Day Goods to cheer you up!
STORY July 2017 Issue, Enjoying the summer in style!
VERY July 2017 Issue, Introducing Rain Goods Brands: Smart rain protection goods
Kodomoe June 2017 Issue, Rain goods which makes a melancholy day HAPPY! I love rainy days ♪
SHINBIYO May 2017 Issue -The Kyoto Pumpkin Parasol appeared in Shinbiyo magazine special photoshoot!☆
BS FUJI TV ANSWERS June 10th, 2016 Episode. Interview with host Harry Sugiyama
BS Premium Bi No Tsubo May 25th, 2016 Umbrellas to have fun in the rain with!
FUDGE May 12, 2016 Clips – Unique Umbrellas to cheer you up☆
Begin June 2016 Wonderful selection of gifts for your parents!
JOYAU 2016.Spring Vol.1 Enchanting seasonal accessories to decorate your wardrobe!
CLASSY  October 2015 Issue
TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK on BS NTV August 24th, 2015 Interview with designer John DiCesare
Otonasuhada August 2nd, 2015 Interview with Designer John DiCesare Pt.1 Pt.2
Mizkan Water Culture Magazine #50
NHK BS1 DESIGN TALKS plus June 28th, 2015 “Rain”
Zexy August 2015 Issue Talking about forever Love Story 56 〜Happy Rainy Wedding〜
Domani July 2015 Issue I’m happy When it Rains
Sankei Express June 2015 Issue Down with the Latest Trends
Hanako June 2015 Issue featuring an article by Miyake from V6!
GOLD June 2015 Issue featuring the Rhythm Penta Pumpkin umbrella in article “New and unique rainy day fashions.”
Super Premium Catalog – April Issue featuring the Kyoto Pumpkin Parasol! A limited edition item in collaboration with Kuriyama Kobo.
Domani Featuring a wide selection of DiCesare Designs umbrellas styled with a wonderful selection of apparel for every mood.
HUgE July 2014 Rainy Day Fashion
Zexy Premier 2014 SUMMER Magical Dress for a Small Wedding
Lettuce Club June 2014 Issue Pick up! Fun and Unique Umbrellas
FINEBOYS May 2014 Issue “Diary Mix and Match” Spring and Summer Items.
Zexy 2014.SPRING&SUMMER Photogenic Wedding LOVE in Venezia
Nishino Kana Music Video October 2013 “Sayonara”
Zexy 2013.AUTUMN&WINTER Travel Wedding Guide
Grazia August 2013 Issue
Shimicom July 2013 Issue – Interview with designer John DiCesare
Gracious June 2013 Issue – Colorful Rain Goods!
Kodama Nao Music Video May 2013 “Kimi Dake No Magic Hour”
NHK WORLD DESIGN TALKS 2013.6.6  Rain Show
SPUR May 2013 The Best Ten of Spring! Shining Stars!
Tokyo Wedding Collection March 2013, Our fairy-tale wedding Story
Wall Street International Dec 2012 From An Idea to Reality
Story September 2012 Issue – 16 ways to recover from the Summer Monday Blues
VOCE August 2012 Issue – VOCE it LIST!
Partner July/August 2012 Issue – The NEW Standard
BS Asahi TV partner 2012.7.1 TV Show The NEW Standard
Zexy Wedding Guide 2012 Summer/Autumn Issue
Zexy May 2012 Issue – Restaurant Wedding Issue
VOGUE Japan April 2012 Issue – Bally Ribbon Reaction
InRed March 2012 Issue – Hot 30something women’s Spring Shopping List
GINGER January 2012 Issue – Today’s Hot Brand’s: Stylish Gifts
VOGUE Japan October 2011 Issue – Bally’s 160th Anniversary Poster recreation
VERY August 2011 Issue – This month’s VERY scoop!
Bijin Hyakka August 2011 Issue
Croissant Premium August 2011 Issue – Stylish hats and parasols
Ginza July 2011 Issue -Summer Strategy! June 10th, 2011Artistic form umbrellas by DICESARE DESIGNS!
Partner Magazine June 2011″The New Standard”
SpazioDesign – Oggetti Review
Blackberry TV commercial A special TV commercial featuring the Parashell Parasol!
The Kyoto Sakura and The Kyoto Pumpkin
are a limited edtion order-made series in collaboration with The Kyoto Umbrella Makers Association. The exquisite fabric used on these items is made by
The Kuriyama Workshop/Studio located in Kyoto Japan. The fabric is painstakingly made using traditional Kimono fabric making techniques.
TOTO TV commercial for Toto in Japan featuring Kobayashi Satomi
Sposa White Japan September 2010 Issue – Brides Shine on the Runway
Weranda September 2010 Issue
Oggi July 2010 Issue – Editor’s Selection!
VERY July 2010 Issue
VERY June 2010 Issue
Piano June 2010 Issue
Glamour (Italy) April 2010
Asahi Newspaper April 7th, 2010 – The Sakura and Pumpkin Parasol
VERY June 2009 Issue – The Black & White Pumpkin Umbrella
Somei Yoshino, a new limited edition parasol was created in collaboration with Aya Kato
. Artist Aya Kato often works with fairytales and traditional motifs, turning them into bold, psychedelic, contemporary art pieces in a style sometimes recalling Manga and Art Nouveau.
Oggi August 2009 Issue
Nikkei Design – July 2009 Issue
InRed July 2009 Issue
VERY June 2009 Issue
GRAZIA CASA November 2008 Issue (Italy)
MAISON Madame Figaro November 2008 Issue
spoon. October 2008 Issue
PingMag Interview with DiCesare “The Bio-mimicry of an Umbrella”
D Casa September 2008 Issue (P.56) (Italy)
So-en August 2008 Issue
Shiseido – Hanatsubaki August 2008 Issue
Kimono Salon Spring 2008 Issue
Spring  July 2008 Issue
Oggi June 2008 Issue (P.87)
Marisol June 2008 Issue“Editor’s choice Living”(P.141)
Alpha La Vie Vol.101 Tokyo Trend News article.
Woman Excite Lifestyle Rhythm, GRANDE, Pumpkinbrella & Parasol Parashell Article April 2008
25ans  August 2007 Issue
REAL SIMPLE  July 2007 Issue
CLASSY  June 2007 Issue
Salus March 2007 Issue – Tokyu Line Lifestyle Magazine
ELLE DECO August 2006 Issue -Interior Design Magazine
SPUR  2006 August Issue
Yomiuri Newspaper May 19, 2006 article (evening edition)
Grazia June 2006 Issue
METROPOLIS  Coverage of Hanway SS 2005 Collection Debut
FCN  Report on Aoyama Ambiance Trade Show